Your virtual space in 3D!
Present yourself, your company or your products in interactive online showrooms that make visitors want to see more. Let your customers explore a 3D space, a hall or an entire world of experience in which everything revolves around you and your portfolio via mobile or desktop device - simple and versatile.




Your Products in 3D!
With rooomProducts, you have the chance to present your products online more vividly than ever before. Let your customers experience products from all angles in 3D and bring colors, surface structures and product details to life. Use existing 3D data or generate your 3D products simply with rooom using photos, videos or our 3D scan app.



Virtual and hybrid events that inspire!
With an online event platform you can digitally host or complement all your events. With the right software, you can easily host fantastic virtual trade fairs, online conferences, digital workshops or hybrid concerts with countless communication and interaction possibilities. Move with the times and digitalize your event with our virtual event software!


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Use this playground to extend your Product-Viewer and Space-Viewer with your own functionality or stories. Based on the rooom Viewer-API. Let's go!

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Digital Assistant

A Digital Assistant is an interactive service that allows users to engage with a 3D scene by answering questions or clicking on objects. It provides an immersive and innovative way to guide users through websites or apps.

Digital Assistant


To display 360-degree videos with gryosensor support, there exists the 360-player.


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A tool to view common 3d models in webgl and inspect them. Based on the BabylonJS Viewer. QuickLookopen in new window