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In order to use the API you have to embed the rooomAssistant in an iframe in your website or app. The Javascript API is available if you import it via a script tag or if you prefer es6 modules you can import it directly.

You get the api files from the following url:

pure // as es6 module or... // as iife

Here is an example of a html and javascript file that embeds the rooomAssistant and imports the API.

<!-- index.html -->
		<title>My Digital Assistant</title>
		<iframe id="iframe" src=""></iframe>
		<script type="module" src="index.js"></script>
// index.js

// url to the api file (as es6 module)
import { API } from ''

// get the iframe element
const iframe = document.querySelector('iframe') 

// create a new instance of the api with the iframe and the setup 
const api = new API(iframe, 'my-setup.json5') file

// wait for the api to be ready
api.ready().then(() => { 
    api.tts.speak('Hello World') // make the digital assistant speak