We implemented the oEmbed protocolopen in new window to allow seamless embedding of our viewer on any website. The oEmbed protocol allows websites to embed content from other websites without having to know the specifics of the embedded content.

Our oEmbed endpoint is


urlYESURL of the viewer:* or* where * is the ID of the viewer you wish to embed.
maxwidthNoMaximum width of the returned viewer
maxheightNoMaximum height of the returned viewer


A JSON response will be returned. The html attribute contains an iframe with the viewer.


	"provider_name": "rooom",
	"provider_url": "https:\/\/",
	"type": "rich",
	"version": "1.0",
	"title": "Puky Bike Demo",
	"height": 360,
	"width": 640,
	"author_name": "Demo Rooom",
	"html": "<div class=\"rooom-embed-wrapper\"><iframe width=\"640\" height=\"360\" src=\"https:\/\/\/product\/e725a9e18cb87bbc2977b73d4bdc65\" allow=\"autoplay; fullscreen; vr\" title=\"Puky Bike Demo\" frameborder=\"0\" webkitallowfullscreen=\"true\" class=\"\" mozallowfullscreen=\"true\" allowfullscreen=\"\" onmousewheel=\"\" allowvr=\"\"><\/iframe><\/div>",
	"thumbnail_url": "https:\/\/\/store\/viewers\/5ebd7b94903c994867147144\/preview.9bb48c@512.jpg",
	"thumbnail_width": 512,
	"thumbnail_height": 288