start([callback: Function])

Start the model given by the user. Callback will be invoked with no parameter.

api.start(function() {
  console.log('Viewer started');


stop([callback: Function])

Stops/pauses the viewer, a call to start will resume the viewer. Callback will be invoked with no parameter.

api.stop(function() {
  console.log('Viewer stopped');


startRender([callback: Function])

Starts render loop for viewer's engine

api.startRender(function() {
  console.log('Render loop started');


stopRender([callback: Function])

Stops render loop for viewer's engine

api.stopRender(function() {
  console.log('Render loop stopped');


getScreenshot(size: [width: number, height: number] | number, [callback: Function])

This function lets you take a screenshot of the viewer. The width and height arguments are the width and the height of the screenshot. The callback will be called with one parameter and will be a base64 encoded image.

api.getScreenshot([1920, 1080], function(base64) {
  console.log(base64); // Result: '...'
api.getScreenshot(1920, function(base64) {
  console.log(base64); // Result: '...'


setCanvasFocus([callback: Function])

This function lets you set focus on viewer's canvas

api.setCanvasFocus(function () {
  console.log('Focus set');


pickColor(position: [x: number, y: number], [callback: Function])

Returns the color in the 3D viewer for the given screen coordinates. The callback returns a hex-color string.

api.pickColor([200, 300], function (colorHex) {
  console.log(colorHex); // Result: #ffd700


getWorldToScreenCoordinates(coords: [x: number, y: number, z: number], [callback: Function])

Returns the screen coordinates for the given world coordinates.

api.getWorldToScreenCoordinates([1, 1, 1], function (coords) {
  console.log(coords); // Result: [100, 100]


getScreenToWorldCoordinates(coords: [x: number, y: number], [callback: Function])

Returns the world coordinates for the given screen coordinates. The first hit point in the scene.

api.getScreenToWorldCoordinates([100, 100], function (coords) {
  console.log(coords); // Result: [1, 1, 1]


getBackground(callback: Function)

Get current background type and value from the viewer.

api.getBackground(function (options) { // Color
  console.log('Background is', options.color); // Result: #ffd700
api.getBackground(function (options) { // Url
  console.log('Background is', options.url); // Result:


setBackground(options: object, [callback: Function])

Sets a background image or color in the viewer.

Options: color or url

api.setBackground({color: '#ffd700'}, function () {
  console.log('Background changed');
api.setBackground({url: ''}, function () {
  console.log('Background changed');


getSkyColor(callback: Function)

Get current skycolor from the viewer.

api.getSkyColor(function (color) {
  console.log('Skycolor is', color); // Result: #ffd700


setSkyColor(color: string, [callback: Function])

Sets a skycolor in the viewer.

api.setSkyColor('#ffd700', function () {
  console.log('Skycolor changed');


getGroundColor(callback: Function)

Get current groundcolor from the viewer.

api.getGroundColor(function (color) {
  console.log('Groundcolor is', color); // Result: #ffd700


setGroundColor(color: string, [callback: Function])

Sets a groundcolor in the viewer.

api.setGroundColor('#ffd700', function () {
  console.log('Groundcolor changed');


getEnvironment(callback: Function)

Returns information about the HDR environment in the viewer.

intensity - The environment intensity rotation - The rotation in degrees

Work in Progress

This function is currently not available in the API, but will be available soon.

api.getEnvironment(function (options) {
  console.log('Environment intensity is ', options.intensity); // Result: 1.5
  console.log('Environment rotation is ', options.rotation); // Result: 30


setEnvironment(options: object, [callback: Function])

Sets the HDR environment of the viewer.

intensity or rotation (degree)

Work in Progress

This function is currently not available in the API, but will be available soon.

api.setEnvironment({intensity: 1.0, rotation: 90}, function () {
  console.log('Environment changed');



Displays the AR popup.

api.startAR(function() {
  console.log('Starting AR');